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Amalfi Coast

An Amalfi Coast destination wedding is a blend of elegance and natural beauty.  From the breathtaking panorama to the wide choice of locations, the warmth and hospitality typical of this area of Italy are such as to make any wedding – civil, religious,+ or symbolic – and its reception special and unparalleled. An enchanting opportunity to immerse oneself in the colors and scents of the splendid Amalfi Coast. 

Among the gems of the Campania region, the stretch of the Amalfi coastline overlooks the blue sea of the Gulf of Salerno. An Amalfi Coast wedding is the epitome of destination romance. 
Getting married on the Amalfi Coast means choosing a balcony suspended between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the sky, characterized by the sweetness of the climate, unique flavors, and picturesque landscapes. Amalfi, Positano, Ravello: the villages along the coast are perfect for an absolutely unforgettable wedding.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this corner of paradise and its undisputed charm, rich in history and art, thanks to the numerous churches, luxury hotels, and historic villas scattered along this stretch of coastline, among the most beautiful in Italy. Envied by the whole world for its suggestiveness, the Amalfi Coast is full of beaches and coves immersed in colorful and lush nature, making it a magical and exciting place.

Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this stretch of sea can offer many locations that can make your Big Day unique, thanks also to the food and wine offering. Obviously, the Amalfi Coast – like all of Italy, for that matter – is not famous only for its fresh, locally sourced food, but also for the wine that pairs so well with it.

Lake Como is located in northern Italy, just half an hour from Milan, and is part of the great lakes. It is known for its mild climate during summer and winter, lush Mediterranean vegetation, fresh air, clean waters, and beautiful mountains that surround it, offering outdoor activities for all tastes, especially during civil, religious, or symbolic ceremonies.

Numerous alternatives are available to couples for choosing the location where they can say the fateful “yes” on the shores of Lake Como. Ancient residences, villas with gardens and botanical parks, luxury hotels or prestigious castles are just some of the many possibilities offered by this beautiful area, whose pearls – known throughout the world – are undoubtedly Bellagio, Cernobbio and, on the Lecco branch, Varenna. However, there are really many, and all to be discovered, villages along the lake that deserve to be considered to savor the charm and atmosphere of an enchanting and timeless place.

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