Tenuta Monacelle

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Up to 300 guests.




41 Rooms + 7 trulli.



In the year 1790, the St. Joseph Benedictine nuns from Monopoli established the estate that would later become known as “Monacelle.”

The origin of the name “Monacelle” is multifaceted. One explanation attributes it to the moniker given to the sisters or nuns residing within the structure. Conversely, another interpretation suggests a connection to the evening sightings of snails, locally referred to as “Monacelle” in the dialect of this hilly region.

Within the village, comprised of 28 trulli, daily rural activities were once the norm. The nuns, as part of their routine, engaged in cooking and baking to provide sustenance to the local peasants. Additionally, an exterior view of a church, the “cummersa,” is present, now repurposed and serving as a suite.

Whether day or night, choosing Tenuta Monacelle ensures an indelible memory for you and your guests. A wedding at Tenuta Monacelle signifies the harmonious blend of a captivating location, the sophisticated flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, and the joyous celebration of a couple’s most significant day. It’s a day to be lived and cherished, free from any worries. Getting married here is synonymous with celebrating the pleasure of togetherness around the table.

The gardens of Masseria San Nicola resonate with the characteristic nineteenth-century design found in Apulian villas and palaces. Enclosed by walls and featuring narrow pathways for leisurely strolls, the gardens are a sensory delight, boasting a palette of fragrances and hues. From the vibrant blooms of bougainvillea to the citrusy notes of fruits, and the aromatic presence of various plants to the timeless beauty of roses, the garden is a testament to the rich and diverse natural tapestry surrounding this historical estate.

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