Masseria San Nicola

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Up to 250 guests.




12 Rooms.


Included up to 200 guests.

During the medieval era, affluent peasants, given the means, erected stone residences and auxiliary structures on their land, denoting them as “masserie.” As time progressed, these agrarian estates were acquired by nobles seeking retreats for their countryside holidays. Consequently, these once modest farms underwent a metamorphosis into opulent locales. Masseria San Nicola, conceived around 1600 by the Prince of Carbonelli, entered a new chapter in the 1800s when the Shirt family acquired it as their summer residence. Originally named Masseria delle Seti, it underwent a nomenclatural transformation to Masseria San Nicola, a testament to the family’s reverence for the patron saint of Bari.

The gardens of Masseria San Nicola resonate with the characteristic nineteenth-century design found in Apulian villas and palaces. Enclosed by walls and featuring narrow pathways for leisurely strolls, the gardens are a sensory delight, boasting a palette of fragrances and hues. From the vibrant blooms of bougainvillea to the citrusy notes of fruits, and the aromatic presence of various plants to the timeless beauty of roses, the garden is a testament to the rich and diverse natural tapestry surrounding this historical estate.

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